Lone Star Stories Submission Guidelines

Lone Star Stories is a bimonthly webzine that publishes speculative fiction and poetry.  Perusing the current issue will give prospective authors some idea of the sort of work that is likely to sell here.  

Stories and poems of any length are welcome, but novels and epic poems will be a hard sell. 

Lone Star Stories pays $5 (U.S.) per story and $2 (U.S.) per poem within a few days of acceptance for exclusive electronic rights for a two month period.  Works are not archived after an issue ends, and contracted rights revert back to the author.

Send submissions in standard manuscript format as .rtf attachments to the following e-mail address: submissions@erictmarin.com.  (Poems may be included in the body of the e-mail.) Include your name, physical address, and word/line count in your e-mail.

Reprints of fiction and poetry are welcome; just be sure to note where and when the work was published.

Multiple submissions (up to three works) are fine for flash fiction (1000 words or less) and short poems (20 lines or less) but not for longer works.  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as you note it in your e-mail.

Expect a response to a submission within a day or two.  If you haven't heard back after a week, please query at lonestar@erictmarin.com.



Lone Star Stories * Speculative Fiction and Poetry * Copyright 2003-2004


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