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Do Over

by Karen L. Newman

Many a granny
died a thousand deaths
when everyone became a clockmaker.

tock tick
jobs exchanged
tock tick tock tick
families exchanged
tock tick tock tick tock tick
lives exchanged

Faster and faster the hands of time
rewound the unraveling threads from the blanket of life
into strings of catgut serenading
the remaining fabric with their siren song.
Eventually a final wind whisked
the last fiber of humanity away
leaving the earth naked.

A killing was made by
the inventor of the time machine –
paid with cold hard cash
that froze time forever.



About the Author:

Karen L. Newman is the author of the poetry chapbook Eeku containing previously unpublished horror haiku soon to be published by Sam's Dot Publishing. She currently lives in Ashland, Kentucky and has had poems published in such venues as Dreams and Nightmares, Aoife's Kiss, Poe Little Thing, Project M Zine, EOTU Ezine, and other places. Her work is upcoming in The Dark Krypt, Bleed My Heart Romantic, Aoife's Kiss, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, and Liquid Ohio. She has also won several awards through the Kentucky State Poetry Society. Please visit her on her website: http://home.zoomnet.net/~karennew.

Poem 2005 Karen L. Newman.  All other content 2003-2005 Lone Star Stories.



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