In Retirement

by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff




I used to be a hero--
it says so on the silver plaque
thatís hanging on the kitchen wall
beside the hand embroidered towel.

I used to be a hero--
when clarions called and weapons clashed
Iíd lead the charge into the fray
and battle till the day was won.

I used to be a hero≠-
shed blood (both mine, and of my foes)
from North to South, from East to West...
and shed as many tears as well.

I used to be a hero≠
thank all the gods those days are past,
and I need no more reap and cull
young lives as farmers reap their grain.

I used to be a hero≠
but now my kitchenís warm and safe,
and children clamber for the cakes
now cooling on my window sill.

But children love a hero≠
and sometime I fear they hope Iíll
lift down my notched and rusted blade
and wipe away both dust and time.


"In Retirement" copyright © Marcie Lynn Tentchoff 2005


About the Author:

Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is an Aurora Award winning poet/writer from the west coast of Canada. Her work has appeared in such magazines as Weird Tales, Talebones, On Spec, and Dreams and Nightmares, as well as in various anthologies.

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