On Meeting the Surgeon

by Melissa Marr



Feathers fell like ash

sterile floors strewn with grey soot

from her bleeding wings


cauterized by his soft hands

while we wept in futile rage


 "On Meeting the Surgeon" copyright Melissa Marr 2004


About the Author:

Melissa Marr teaches undergraduate composition and lit in whichever state she resides that year. Currently, she lives in Southern California with her spouse and two children.  In Fall 2003, her early New Year's Resolution was to write texts that were neither lecture notes nor academic theory.  So far, it's great fun.  Forthcoming and current (non-academic) publications include fiction in Shadowed Realms, Flytrap, and Aoife's Kiss, as well as poetry in Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, and Brutarian.  


Lone Star Stories * Speculative Fiction and Poetry * Copyright 2003-2004


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