Frost on the Saddle

by Mikal Trimm

The sky.

The Big Country sky

Cloudless and the blue

Of angels' irises

So much like a framed picture

That you'd expect it

To shatter

From the bitter cold


The snow.

The limitless snow

God's blanket for

The shivering grasslands

Spotless yet speckled

With diamonds

That litter the ground

Tiny frozen suns


The steam.

The smoke-signal steam

The thinning puffs of

A dying furnace

A riderless horse

Treks the limitless snow

Under the Big Country sky

Its saddle flecked with icy crimson tears.


Copyright Mikal Trimm 2004

Photo Copyright Eric Marin 2004

About the Author:

Mikal Trimm writes stories and poems and songs.  The stories and poems may be found in several publications both on- and offline, including Infinity Plus, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, NFG and Say....  His songs must be heard in person.  He currently lives outside Austin, Texas, due to circumstances beyond his control. 


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