Frostbite from the Sun
by Mikal Trimm



It burns

like acid on a baby's flesh

it burns

like pepper oil rubbed on flayed skin

it burns

like a thousand million billion Hells

focused through a magnifying glass

on the soft tender meat at the corner of your eyelid


I only want to go to the store.

We need soba noodles and soy beans.

My husband waits for me at home.


It was light now it is LIGHT

it is noise and fear and

the death of the Ancestors

in one dark shining moment


and it burns

like the death of a god-Emperor

it burns

like the end of an Empire

it burns us

it burns us all


but our death is cold

cold and hot

hot and cold together

like frigid flames

like frostbite

in the land

of the Rising Sun



About the Author:

Mikal Trimmís short stories and poems have appeared in numerous venues over the last few years. Recent or forthcoming works may be found in Helix, Postscripts, Weird Tales, Black Gate, and Interfictions, among others.

His novel The Greatest Freaking Book Anyone Has Written EVER! is not forthcoming from any publisher at any time in the future.

Visit his blog here.


Poem © 2007 Mikal Trimm.