My Android Bob
by Pam McNew



Are you my android Bob?

I'm browsing through the catalogue,

clicking through ebay pages,

watching the shop windows

from the corner of my eye.

Are you my android Bob?


Is your skin metallic blue or

plastoid pale?

Are your eyes the bold gray

of spring mornings or

the soft gray of

the mourning dove's feathered wing?

Will I run my hands through

the soft bristle brush of your fine, short hair

or will I envy its length

which you wear in a knot

atop your head

during the day?


Are you my android Bob,

companion and champion,

secretary and chef,

the reciter of obscure poetry,

the solver of difficult crosswords,

the creator of private gardens where

I shall walk in the evening,

among lightning bugs, June beetles

and the occasional white moth?

Are you my android Bob?


I'm watching the ads on television,

reading the brochures in the mail;

I'm seeing your figure in the magazines,

your reflection in my dreams.

One day, any day now,

maybe tomorrow,

I'll find you

or you'll find me

and when we meet,

you'll have a question for me,

and to that question,

I will say yes.



About the Author:

Pam McNew has had fiction and poetry published in Strange Horizons, The Fortean Bureau, Chiaroscuro, Say..., and Lone Star Stories.


Poem 2007 Pam McNew. Photo by Che.