Keeping an eye out
by Jo Walton


An arched cave mouth,
at deepest root,
light's edge,
time's edge.

Three sisters, grunting,
picking at words like scabs,
turning them over like rocks,
gnawing them like bones.

Groping now and then:
rock, water, time,
cave, well, tree,
light, dark, eye . . . .

Light and time pass,
time and water well,
everything has an end
and here it is.



About the Author:

Jo Walton is the author of four fantasy novels: The King's Peace; The King's Name; The Prize in the Game; and the World Fantasy Award winning Tooth and Claw.  Her next novel is an alternate history mystery called Farthing, which will be published by Tor in the summer of 2006. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal where the food and books are more varied. Her exciting online journal, with word counts and occasional actual content, is here. 


Poem 2006 Jo Walton.